Accessibility Consultant: A European Perspective

Posted on 14th April 2021 by Jane Simpson

Listen to experts from around Europe discuss inclusive design. Thursday 15 April at 17:30 a group of international speakers at the new #ergowebinar. Our invited experts, with long track record and expertise in architecture and accessibility, will share their experience talking about challenges, opportunities, and best practices of accessibility in Europe. Delfin Jimenez Martin, Architect EQAR, Access Consultant, lecturer in accessibility training, will talk about Accessibility Consultants in Spain: current events, challenges and opportunities. Monika Anna Klenovec, Architect, Access Consultant, University lecturer at TU Vienna, will share best practices and examples about her experience as consultant on accessibility, sustainability, and standardisation in Austria and at international level. Jane Simpson, Architect, RIBA & NRAC Consultant, will explain inclusive design in the UK, share how experts in UK are supported and her role as an Access Consultant. Matteo Zallio, Architect, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, will share future scenarios on how to develop accessible people experiences by deep diving in recent research results about accessibility & inclusion. Moderator: Isabella Tiziana Steffan, Architect, Eur.Erg.