The Equality Act (EA) does not override other legislation such as The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Regulations; however, there is still a duty to meet the EA. The way in which a service, education or employment is provided within an historic location needs to be reviewed to ensure that discrimination is not inherent due to physical or managerial barriers. Just because a building is listed does not necessarily mean that this is a get out of jail free card.

It is recognised that for existing, historic or listed buildings, site conditions may result in difficulties in achieving current regulatory or best practice standards. It is at this point that reasonability and practicability need to be considered. They are a recognised factor when assessing inclusivity, as is the ability to pay.

At JSA we are ideally qualified to assist you with this; Jane has worked as a Heritage Officer within a planning conservation department and as an Architect and Access Consultant on many historic projects throughout her career. JSA have knowledge of the legislation, the diversity of people and analytical design skills to ensure that optimum solutions can be achieved. We understand the principles of the Burra Charter and provide innovative solutions to often complex problems.