Access to the arts and tourism, whether a theatre, art gallery, museum, cinema or entertainment park, or as a performer, director, artist, visitor or spectator, is essential. This is a requirement of any arts council funding and high on Visit England’s agenda. In addition to providing accessible venues, there is a need for clear sign posting and information, auxiliary aids, audio descriptions, sign language interpretation, etc.

The arts are often concerned with sight, sound and other senses which can be more difficult to interpret by those with sensory or cognitive impairments. Understanding the physical limitations of some disabilities and acknowledging the haptic sense, we can assist with the necessary tools to ensure that whether it is a performance or sculpture that all participants can enjoy.

For larger scale venues, access, communication, travel distances, access to rides and health and safety, cannot be ignored. JSA are familiar with the legislation, arts venues, diversity of people and possess the skills to advise all companies' individual circumstances.