There are many factors that determine the way in which a building, premises or environment is built, commissioned, altered and operated. If you are in the property business, a service provider, educator or an employer, you will want to know how the Equality Act (EA) affects you and how you can best respond to ensure that your interests are met within affordable costs. You will want to have the confidence that any investment in this respect will produce results and provide a strong defence from any claim that might arise in the future, as such, the EA could be viewed as a threat to your business. However, managed carefully it could be an opportunity to enlarge your market and increase your profitability.

JSA offers a range of services for clients, architects, landscape architects, project managers, product manufacturers, planners, developers or contractors from briefing through to post occupancy.

There are many considerations regarding people with disabilities needs that can be assessed and reasonable measures implemented to meet the likely requirements of the legislation, premises and operational policies alike.

We are able to offer a tailored solution to meet all your needs. Our aim is to meet your needs and expectations, interpreting the required standards and the legislative and commercial considerations, taking into account the constraints of site, brief, ethos and budget, to provide appropriate inclusive environments for all.