Retail & Commercial

Whether you are a large supermarket, bank, hairdresser or corner shop, it would be foolish to ignore the disability market. There are estimated to be over 11 million disabled people covered by the Equality Act; this does not include their families or friends. However, it is more than just understanding the diversity of potential customers but also identifying the barriers to their buying process. All service providers will want to attract them, their friends and relatives to their door and more importantly, retain them.

As stated, the potential revenue to be gained is substantial; moreover, do you really want to be challenged? There have been more legal challenges in relation to employment; for example, Boots optician’s v Mrs Sharpe. However, there have also been a number of significant cases concerning service delivery; restaurants and public houses refusing guide dogs for example. Other legal cases include the Royal Bank of Scotland v David Allen regarding access to a listed bank in Sheffield; Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, staff awareness training, along with many more.

JSA are familiar with the legislation, the construction industry, diversity of people and possess the skills to advise for companies' individual circumstances.